Born in Montréal, Canada, Alessandra Dzuba is a surrealist assemblage artist focusing her work on tran-species similarities and connections to an animalistic psyche. Her work is based on her interest in folktales and psychology, which she interprets through showing our commonalities, inner demons, and rearticulated anatomy. 

Now residing in Kansas City, MO with her two cats and tarantula, she tries to live the quiet life as shop manager/creator at Oracle - a Fine Curiosities shop that specializes in natural passing and humane acquisitions of taxidermy and specimens, as well as operating Fraction: a functioning print studio/gallery with fellow artist Heinrich Toh. At Oracle, she is in charge of prepping the skulls, pet skeleton preservation, and reading tarot which more information can be seen at 

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Oracle Fine Curiositites

130 W 18th St
Kansas City, MO 64108

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